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Quality and dimensional control on 100% of production

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Versatile and upgradable

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    Die-casting optimized algorithms
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    Reliability in PPM (Parts Per Million)
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Reduces costs of lack of quality

Customized solutions

Easy and flexible programming


CheckBox Diecasting is a machine designed to automatically perform quality control and 100% measurement of die-cast part production, saving time and costs.

CheckBox Diecasting is the ideal machine for all those companies that provide their customers with products with defects in the order of PPM (Parts Per Million).
Automated quality control compared to manual quality control enables higher reliability values to be achieved for many reasons.
Evaluate products consistently with a precise rule.
Stabilizes the quality level of the product.
It is no longer necessary to overestimate the defect to compensate for the variability of human analysis. As a result, the number of pieces discarded for small defects is reduced.
The training of quality control staff is no longer necessary.
These machines reduce the number of returns and recalls.
These systems significantly reduce the costs of lack of quality throughout its supply chain from complaint management to re-checking or replacement.

The CheckBox Diecasting software allows you to identify typical die casting defects and possible manufacturing failures.
In addition to the quality control Checkbox Diecasting can perform measurements of any kind.

Defects found

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Extreme versatility with minimal retooling

CheckBox Diecasting uses an antroproporphic robot to move parts in front of the control and measurement cameras.
If the shape of the parts changes, the retooling is minimal: just one minute is enough to replace the robot's grippers and call up the new program.
The objects to be inspected are placed on an infeed belt randomly, the position is not important because the robot will be guided into the socket by the vision system.
The piece taken from the gripper is oriented at various angles in front of one or more cameras to inspect it.
For a very fast and complete quality control, Checkbox Diecasting uses several cameras that check the part simultaneously from different points of view with each movement of the robot.

Integrated measurement and quality control

CheckBox Diecasting software uses innovative "hybrid logic" algorithms optimized for the inspection of typical die casting defects. These algorithms allow the identification of the defect in a safe way, minimizing the problem of false rejects typical of classic algorithms.
Any type of analysis can be performed on unmachined, tumbled or sandblasted and even machined parts.

A series of tools allow an exhaustive analysis of the surfaces by filtering the irregularity of colour due to the material or the various treatments.

Often the quality control of a workpiece is not defined by the analysis of its surface alone, but a dimensional check is also necessary.

Checkbox Diecasting can perform all kinds of measurements with centesimal accuracy quickly and accurately directly with the part on the robot's wrist.

It is possible to perform micrometric measurements, for example on machining operations, by implementing optical micrometers or probes in the machine.

There are also special modules for testing the hardness of the material or for the detection of internal cracks.

Maximum flexibility

CheckBox Diecast is a machine designed to be flexible and to control products with different shapes.
We are well aware that in the current production process products are often short-lived and subject to change.
For this reason CheckBox Diecast is designed so that the end user can independently implement new products other than the initial ones.

Machine management is simplified by the use of a single large 23" Touchscreen operator panel.
The panel allows not only to control the operation of the system in real time, but also to modify the quality and measurement parameters while the system is running.
This optimises machine functionality without affecting productivity.

CheckBox Diecast can be equipped with a laser or other marker to objectify the check and to mark for example a serial number or a datamatrix code. The quality and correctness of the marking is checked by a camera.

CheckBox Diecast is already prepared for interconnection with industrial processes as required by the "industry 4.0" guidelines.
The software allows you to store statistical production data or data and images related to each individual product.