Focused light
High durability
Focused light
High durability

Uniform and powerful

More than 500 models


Linear illuminators in different versions from 50 mm up to 2000 mm in steps of 25 mm, 35 mm or 50 mm depending on the required light intensity. Compact with only 20 mm diameter. Available with different focusing lenses or with diffusers. All leds certified with SMD technology or with the new FDC (Full Dissipated Chip) technology that allows greater dissipation, power and homogeneity of light. More than 500 models, with the 90% in stock. All illuminators are equipped with a quick connector.




high luminous intensity, concentrated beam, long life, constant brightness

Main features

  • Small sizediameter 20 mm.
  • 2 light intensities:
    • SMD LED: 17000 ¹ lux at 10 cm
    • led FDC: 35000 ² lux at 10 cm
  • 4 lighting modes:
    • HCL-LEL-C: ±5° focused lens
    • HCL-LEL-D: opaque diffuser
    • HCL-LEL-E: transparent cover
    • HCL-LEL-F: ±30° focused lens
  • Different lengthsfrom 50 mm to 2000 mm
  • Adjustable inclination: ±45°
  • Heavy useResistant to vibrations over 20 G.
  • High durability80000 ³ hours.
  • Voltage12 or 24V
  • Integrated electronicsAvailable also with integrated electronics to keep the brightness constant with voltage and temperature variations.
  • Ready for delivery of more than 500 models.

FDC-LED: Full Dissipated LED Chip

The latest FDC-LED technology ensures complete heat dissipation in every direction.
The multiple LED chips are connected to each other to form a single unit and incorporated completely in heat dissipating material.
The classic double soldering of the classic SMD led (chip on metal and metal on printed circuit board) is replaced by direct soldering of the chip on the printed circuit board, thus eliminating a thermal bridge.
Moreover, all the chip is drowned in a transparent conductive gel of generous size that allows a good heat dissipation even on the illuminated side, unlike the classic LED with small plastic cap.
The LEDs have a higher light output because a better thermal dispersion is guaranteed.
In addition, a great uniformity of illumination is obtained due to the total coverage of phosphorus over the entire module, the presence of the single light chip is difficult to recognize.
Lowering the temperature of the LED junction extends the life of the component.

Classic SMD-LED technology


New FDC-LED technology

Examples of industrial or special applications

HCL-LEL-C linear illuminator that projects a focused beam to generate controlled shadows for 3D analysis.

Square-mounted HCL-LEL-C linear illuminators for detecting defects such as scratches and dents on the surface of aluminium objects.

VEA's linear illuminators for machine vision systems are specifically designed to generate controlled illumination. These illuminators have allyl diglycol carbonate monomer focusing lenses that ensure a coherent beam with low distortion. By placing multiple HCL-LEL illuminators in different positions and turning them on in sequence, vision systems significantly improve part inspection and ensure reliable defect detection.

¹ detected on HCL-LEL-C340-20-W6-63, length 340 mm (shorter lengths may have lower brightness)

² detected on HCL-LEL-C220-20-FW1, length 220 mm (shorter lengths may have lower brightness)

³ powered by HCL-LEA drivers in "longer life" mode (in this mode the brightness may be lower)

specifications may change without notice

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