VEA was established in 1992 as company for the integration of machine vision systems in the industrial environmentwith the aim of providing its customers with particularly efficient installations with a after-sales service adequate. VEA solutions bring industrial quality control directly on the production linesmainly in two ways: CheckBox systems and scalable vision systems integrated with automation. CheckBox machines are complete quality control and measuring systems that are placed in the company directly on production lines. CheckBoxes are fully automated systems consisting of vision systems, measuring systems, robots, laser or other markers and mechanical factory automation. The CheckBox systems acquire incoming parts, analyse them at high speed (up to 15,000 parts/hour), select them by discarding defective parts and placing quality compliant parts back on the line, or packaging them directly. The vision systems make it possible to qualitatively sort the parts, measure them or control robots to pick them up. The scalability of VEA vision systems makes it possible to start with simple, inexpensive single-camera systems and then expand them with dozens of cameras and other modules, while maintaining the same programming interface. VEA vision systems are called integrated vision systems because they have a very high-speed PLC (Vision-PLC with 1 mSec scanning) and a programmable operator panel inside. The PLC and HMI (operator panel) integrated in the vision system allow full and cost-effective integration with any type of industrial machinery.

For maximum performance you can request a tailor-made project developed by VEA for the customer.

VEA manufactures optical micrometers for non-contact measurements with better than micron accuracy and temperature compensation capabilities for precise use in production environments. The measurements VEA offers have the laboratory precisioneven though they are made directly on the production line.

We directly manufacture and distribute machine vision illuminators, cameras, sensors, interface modules.

The experience of more than a decade of activity and several hundreds of systems installed in the main production sectors (automotive, food, lithography, textile, packaging, mechanical, hydraulic, pharmaceutical, electronic, electromechanical) make VEA the ideal partner for a quality choice in the field of machine vision.


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    Artificial intelligence for vision systems

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    Integrated vision systems

It is important to stress that VEA does not simply sell products: each installation will be followed by specialized technicians and made available to operators trained by us to use the reference interfaces. The functions of each individual tool will be explained and the simple control panels make the user experience easy. ECA follows design and installation. VEA is available for information consulting and will guide companies who choose it to the best that machine vision technology can allow.


We offer quality control management consulting in the manufacturing sector with the aim of optimizing the processes and Increasingly improve the productivity of companies.

We offer specialized technical support and 360° integrated IT solutions through feasibility studies and consultancy. Vea srl was the first Italian machine vision company to be certified ISO9001: 2000, and has also repeatedly paved the way in the sector towards technological innovations.


  • 1992

    Founding of VEA

    Visione E Automazione (VEA) was founded in 1992 with the aim of manufacturing artificial vision and automation systems.

  • 1997

    HQV (High Quality Vision) machine vision systems are the first in the world to integrate a PC, PLC, HMI (configurable operator panel) and axis controller. All configurable in a simple and immediate way by the user.

  • 1998

    Start the activity of design and production of robotic machinery with integrated vision systems 

  • 2000

    The experimentation of new neural logics applied in the field of artificial vision has produced in 2000 the first Integrated Vision System

  • 2001

    Visione E Automazione becomes VEA S.R.L.

  • 2002

    VEA is the first machine vision company in Italy to receive the UNI EN ISO 9001 quality certification for design, production, sales and service of vision systems.

  • 2004

    The VEDO line of machine vision products was launched in 2004. Powerful, convenient and easy to use.

  • 2007

    VEA develops the first hybrid logic of artificial intelligence.

  • 2009

    Hybrid artificial intelligence logic is used in the new HQV-PPM (High Quality Vision -Part for Million) line of machine vision products to achieve high levels of reliability.

  • 2011

    The IVIS (Intelligent Vision System) vision system was born in 2011. A very powerful engine that transforms the vision system into a real unit for quality control and measurement. 

    VEA starts working with the Arelab research centre.

  • 2012

    VEA starts the Intelligent Forging (Ifo) project that controls an entire forging process using computer vision and artificial intelligence logic.

    VEA starts the production of CheckBox machines for quality control and measurement, completely based on Ivis vision system.

  • 2014

    VEA develops the MSA (Micro Stabilized Accuracy) algorithm for high precision measurement which is the first in the world to calculate measurement repeatability in real time.

    This revolutionary technology allows VEA instruments to provide not only the measurement, but also the measurability of the object. In fact, the object may not be measurable due to dirt, vibration or other reasons.

    It is better to know that an object is not measurable than to have an incorrect data.

  • 2015

    DAF (Dirty Advanced Filter) and XVR (Extended Virtual Resolution) algorithms increase the accuracy of vision measurements.

  • 2016

    VEA starts the CheckBox series "Laboratory In The Factory", the high speed measuring machine for the factory.
    The production of optical micrometers begins.

  • 2017

    The LTC (Laboratory Thermal Compensation) system is born, which allows to measure in production objects with temperatures between 10° and 60° with the same precision obtainable in the laboratory (20° ± 1°).

  • 2018

    Development of a new set of algorithms for Machine Learning for automatic defect detection.

    New FDC-LED (Full Dissipated Chip) technology and graphene support for the HCL-LEC-C series of illiuminators.

  • 2019

    The XVR2 (Extended Virtual Resolution 2) algorithm using deep learning logic allows VEA micrometers to achieve accuracies of 0.4 μm and repeatability of 0.05 μm.

  • 2020

    New proprietary technology Regulated Machine Learning which combines the logic of Deep Learning to hybrid supervision logics. This solution allows to use the advantages of Deep Learning abstraction without losing reliability by avoiding long and expensive learning sessions.

  • 2022

    Distribution of machine vision equipment

    Logistics management and distribution service for equipment for machine vision systems: cameras, illuminators, optics and accessories for machine vision.

  • 2023

    Opening of new production plant

    New production facility in Parabiago of 600 square metres with automated robot warehouses for the production and logistics of machine vision equipment.

Design, installation, training.
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