Vea's products are the result of years of development in the field of machine vision. Our vision systems can be custom designed and come in different formats as required. In addition, each component can be sold individually.

Here are some possible applications with our products:

  • Checkbox systems for quality control and measurement
    are the VEA series of products designed to perform quality control in a simple and versatile way; they include surface analysis, assembly control, robot guidance, character control, dimensional measurement, crack analysis, marking and automatic packaging.
  • Machine vision systems
    IVIS C1 machine vision systems are divided into three fully scalable product lines and are available in hundreds of combinations.
  • Optical micrometers
    The VEA optical micrometers allow to perform micrometric measurements with very high repeatability at the same time as quality controls.
  • Optics
    Industrial low chromatic aberration machine vision lenses for nfx cameras up to 10 Mpx
    Telecentric, bi-telecentric, pericentric, infrared and ultraviolet optics.
  • Accessories
    Laser markers, special camera cables, high flexibility cables for robotics, IP68 modular industrial camera housings, mounting kits for cameras and illuminators, camera + illuminator kit for robot guidance, calibration kit for robot guidance, calibrated structures for stereoscopic 3D vision
  • I/O Modules
    HCE-IOV-103 IRUINO is an industrial optoisolated DIN rail I/O module that can be connected to a PC via USB port. The module also performs the functions of hardware key with programmable codes and strobe control module for led lamps.
  • Illuminators for artificial vision
    Our experience in machine vision has led us to produce illuminators that make the vision system even more reliable. VEA studies and realizes highly reliable tailor-made solutions even in industrial environments.
  • Cameras
    VEA offers a series of innovative cameras specifically designed for the industrial environment and machine vision. The structure has been designed to optimize the performance of robot guides and measuring systems.

The VEA system integration network ensures assistance in Italy and worldwide guaranteeing high performance vision systems even on complex applications