VEA does research and information even before selling finished products. This is because the field of industrial vision is constantly growing and thanks to the private research centre Arelab, VEA is always up to date with the latest news in the sector, which it often brings to the market first.

It all starts with a no-obligation consultation. Contact us to find out more about our interventions!

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We install and optimize the vision sensors and smartcameras of the most famous brands, we modify existing vision systems and adapt them to new problems, we keep your vision systems always efficient and conform to quality standards by certifying and calibrating them.

VEA aims at improving industrial production, limiting all kinds of problems related to measures and errors, optimizing time and costs. The vision systems mounted directly on the lines, the Checkboxes, the micrometers and all the accessories are the ways we propose to guarantee the best possible result from the production lines and every proposed intervention is tailored to the customer's needs.

Correct lighting often solves an artificial vision problem. Our technicians analyse the problem in the field, perform a lighting study and solve the problem with the correct illuminator.

Specialized advice in the field of machine vision helps to go the right way avoiding unnecessary and expensive experimentation and often solves problems that seem insurmountable. More than a decade of knowledge in the young field of machine vision, the experience of hundreds of real life implants, dozens of articles in specialized magazines, speakers at various conferences.

The certification and calibration of a vision system is essential to ensure that the minimum prerequisites are in place for continued functionality and reliability. An uncalibrated vision system can often produce extensive damage, which is the main reason why calibration is required.

Certification and calibration. Why certify a vision system with VEA?

The certification of machine vision systems performed by VEA has as its main purpose the validation of the reliability of a vision system. In fact, a vision system whose degree of reliability is unknown can produce considerable damage.

In 1998 we found in some of our customers the need to find a method to objectively assess the reliability of a vision system. Over the years we have developed a system capable of evaluating and improving the characteristics of any vision system or sensor. Thanks to this certification and related calibrations, our customers have saved money by reducing damage, improved image and gained new customers.

Certifications and calibrations of machine vision systems of any brand are followed directly by ARELAB.

Installation of vision systems

The installation of VEA products is the responsibility of our specialized technicians, who from design to certification follow the entire process of implementing the chambers and all the necessary tools. The quality control of your production line will be made easy to use thanks to the VEA interfaces, which can also be managed by non-specialized personnel. In any case, VEA will always take care of the user training, showing how the system works and how it can be used at its best.

The structure of the system can also be built by VEA, but it is usually a process that is entrusted to the customer who will be able to follow a detailed project.