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Integrated C-Series Vision System

22" Touchscreen Monitor

Complete with USB3 Camera

Optics and illuminators kit included

Modular stand with mobile connections for illuminators and chambers


Portable vision system complete with camera mount, lighting kit and optics, easily transportable

HUS-TRA-21 is a portable vision system, equipped with a 22" multi-touch monitor, a series of illuminators and optics, a high-resolution camera, a stand and in general everything you need for a machine vision application.

It houses a C series VEA scalable vision system with an innovative maintenance-free supercapacitor UPS, a 24V power supply, an I/O module with 8 inputs and 8 freely programmable outputs.

In the HUS-TRA-21 module there is a multi-purpose connection panel that allows the simulation of inputs and outputs and the interfacing with inductive sensors, photocells illuminators and more.

The vision system can easily perform quality checks, superdici analysis, measurements, code reading, robot guidance and more.

Its robustness and modularity make it the ideal instrument for use in the laboratory, on the production line or outdoors.

Extreme ease of installation

The HUS-TRA-17 is equipped with everything you need to perform demonstration tests directly on the production site. In addition, it is equipped with an adjustable and removable stand where the camera and illuminators can be installed.

An entire machine vision laboratory complete with all the most used accessories inside a case, which can be easily transported anywhere.

There is a connection panel to verify and simulate the operation of the PLC and its illuminators, sensors or photocells.

The standard supplied illuminator kit is specially designed to test hundreds of different light combinations and is stored in practical semi-rigid inner cases.

The kit includes a high-resolution USB 3.0 camera, lenses with different focal lengths and a range of accessories, cables and tools.

Integrated vision system with USB 3.0 camera

The high-power C-series vision system allows you to connect up to 32 cameras, process up to 500 images/second and perform more than 1000 analyses per image.

It can also store more than 5000 different product programs.

The system integrates a PLC properly designed for machine vision that allows to connect to I/O modules and to the industrial world with various protocols compliant with industry 4.0.

The system integrates a fully configurable HMI operator panel with a powerful graphic editor and a PLC specifically designed for 5 mSec scanning vision systems.

The internal PLC and HMI even make it possible to operate small systems without using other external devices, with considerable savings in components and wiring.

This portable vision system complete with illuminators and optics is the optimal tool for all those companies that want to experience vision on different applications of their production lines.

Examples of applications in the laboratory

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