Uniform light
Thickness 0,3 mm
Uniform light
Thickness 0,3 mm




EL: the electroluminescent illuminator is ideal for special machine vision applications where reduced thickness, flexibility, shaping and uniform diffuse brightness are required.

Electroluminescent illuminators with a very high degree of diffusion. Uniform illumination without graininess, VEA® electroluminescent illuminators have up to 10 times the light uniformity of LED backlights at every point. They are only 0.3 mm thick, flexible and cuttable.




EL: a special illuminator for machine vision

Main features

  • Reduced thicknessThey are presented as luminescent plastic sheets about 0.3 mm thick.
  • Very light: from 2 g
  • Different shapes and sizesfrom 10 X 10 mm up to 300 X 210 mm (also other sizes on request).
  • Heavy useResistant to vibrations over 20 G.
  • Colouringcyan.

Cuttable and deformable

  • They can be cut with normal tools such as scissors or cutters, so they are ideal for custom applications.
  •  The electroluminescent sheets can be easily folded.

Luminous uniformity

Whatever the area of the illuminator and whatever cutting operation is done, the brightness is constant.

VEA electroluminescent illuminators have up to 10 times more light uniformity than LED backlights.

Brightness and durability

The luminous intensity of electroluminescent illuminators varies between 150 and 1000 LUX.

The duration is between 3000 and 14000 hours.

Duration and brightness are two inversely proportional parameters, more brightness causes less duration and vice versa.

It is possible to vary these parameters by changing the voltage of the appropriate power supplies.

Constant deformation

It is possible to deform the electroluminescent foil by applying force on a few points while maintaining a curvilinear plastic shape.

This makes it ideal for creating and experimenting with new types of lighting.

Power Supplies HCL-ELA Series

These power supplies accept an input voltage variable from 6 V to 24 V.
They have an IP67 degree of protection.

Different models for lamps with an area of 10 cm² to 2000 cm².

Changing the supply voltage changes the brightness.

Examples of industrial or special applications

Electroluminescent illuminator for recognition of laser marked characters on circular surface

Electroluminescent modular illuminator

Laser marked character recognition screen on circular surface

Electroluminescent modular illuminator

Electroluminescent illuminators have made it possible to successfully solve particular machine vision applications that are particularly complex and difficult to achieve with other technologies. The thickness of only 0.3 mm of the electroluminescent illuminators allows to insert this object on equipment and machinery using very little space, it is sufficient less than 1 mm. The deformability of the electroluminescent illuminators allows to create a homogeneous illumination on objects with a rounded and reflective shape. The electroluminescent illuminators can be mounted and shaped as desired to create sandwiches of illuminators that turn on in sequence to allow particular lighting effects in a few millimeters of thickness.

specifications may change without notice

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