Compliant industry standards 4.0
Zero intervention time
Compliant standard
industry 4.0
Zero intervention time

UPS with PC power supply

Conversion module always active


HUE-UPS-SC is the maintenance-free supercapacitor uninterruptible power supply (without battery) with conversion always switched on and no intervention time.

HUE-UPS is compact, is mounted on a DIN rail occupying 35mm and is immediately operational.

HUE-UPS makes the classic uninterruptible power supplies obsolete as the rechargeable battery is replaced by the supercapacitors.

HUE-UPS has charge times of a few seconds and can store a huge amount of energy in its supercapacitors.

HUE-UPS is proposed in 2 models:

  • HUE-UPS-SC-02 - Version for industrial automation IN 24 V - OUT 24 V - 5 A
  • HUE-UPS-SC-01 - PC power supply version IN 24 V - OUT 19 V - 6 A

Why use HUE-UPS

To make the industrial equipment compliant with the Italian industry regulations 4.0

  • The automated integration of the system with the factory logistics system or the supply network must be ensured under all conditions, even in the event of a power failure.
  • The UPS system makes the equipment fully compliant with Italian industry 4.0 regulations, guaranteeing the transfer of any last information contained in the PLC before the voltage drop.

To properly set up the pneumatic part after a voltage drop

  • Some systems following a voltage drop could position pneumatic actuators in such a position that they could produce damage, perhaps resting on parts still moving by inertia.
  • The power supply via UPS of the PLC and some solenoid valves, even for a few seconds, allows to secure the pneumatic part avoiding the use of the most expensive bistable valves.

To stabilize the voltage when using precision sensors or other sensitive instrumentation

  • In contrast to other UPS on the market, the single conversion module always inserted allows to stabilize the output voltage from any fluctuations in the input voltage.
  • The input voltage is always electronically separated, only 0 V is common.
  • Precision sensors and measuring equipment increase their reliability because HUE-UPS cancels disturbances from the 24V power supply.

Power supply and UPS for PC with 19V input

  • This compact unit allows to power a PC with 19V input with a 24V power supply.
  • Moreover, the uninterruptible power supply allows the correct shutdown of the PC when the input voltage is missing.

The chosen technology


  • A supercapacitor is a particular capacitor that has the characteristic of accumulating an exceptionally large amount of electrical charge compared to traditional capacitors.
  • Compared to batteries, they have the advantage that they can be charged or discharged almost instantaneously, thus ensuring very high specific power.
  • They have at least 100 times more charge/discharge cycles than normal batteries, guaranteeing practically zero maintenance.

Examples of UPS-SC installed in an electrical cabinet
(photos kindly provided by our customers)



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