Compliant industry standards 4.0
Zero intervention time
Compliant standard
industry 4.0
Zero intervention time
Compliant industry standards 4.0
Zero intervention time
Compliant standard
industry 4.0
Zero intervention time
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Maintenance-free 24V industrial UPS

Conversion module always active

Supercapacitor UPSs for industrial PCs

Decoupler and stabiliser for 24V instrumentation

No battery disposal, reduced ecological impact 

No risk of combustion or explosion


Maintenance-free ON-LINE supercapacitor uninterruptible power supply (no battery) with on-line conversion and zero tripping time

CEU-SCA and HUE-UPS-SC are compact supercapacitor UPSs, which mount on a DIN rail and are only 35 mm wide.

These UPSs make classic uninterruptible power supplies obsolete because the rechargeable battery is replaced by the supercapacitors.

The supercapacitors fitted in our UPSs have a life of more than 50 years (calculated for 10 complete charge/discharge cycles per day).

HUE-UPS-SC and CEU-SCA have charge times of a few seconds.

CEU-SCA-080 is ideal as a UPS for industrial PCs. It has a 32bit RISC microprocessor, an OLED display and automatic PC shutdown detection via load analysis.
CEU-SCA-080 is offered in 5 models:

  • CEU-SCA-080-24 IN 24 V - OUT 24 V - 4 A
  • CEU-SCA-080-20 IN 24 V - OUT 20 V - 5 A
  • CEU-SCA-080-19 IN 24 V - OUT 19 V - 5 A
  • CEU-SCA-080-15 IN 24 V - OUT 15 V - 6 A
  • CEU-SCA-080-12 IN 24 V - OUT 12 V - 8 A

The HUE-UPS-SC is user-friendly and comes in 2 models:

  • HUE-UPS-SC-02 / IN 24 V - OUT 24 V - 4 A - Ideal for industrial automation, for PLC UPSs, for making installations with PLCs compliant with INDUSTRIA 4.0 and as a decoupler for 24V instrumentation
  • HUE-UPS-SC-01 / IN 24 V - OUT 19 V - 5 A - PC power supply version with shutdown management via digital inputs

Maintenance-free supercapacitor UPS CEU-SCA-080

Simple installation without programming.

Simply connect the '24V IN' terminals to the normal 24V power supply and connect the 'OUT' output terminals directly to the PC or other devices.
Connect the USB cable to the PC.
Download the software for your PC here.

Advanced load management

Automatic detection of PC shutdown from power consumption analysis via a 32-bit 160Mhz RISC microprocessor

All about OLED displays

  • Icon showing the amount of charge or discharge
  • Charge percentage
  • Firmware version
  • Charge voltage of super-capacitors
  • W of discharge
  • UPS status indications
    • UPS charging
    • input overvoltage with voltage indication
    • unstable input voltage
    • shutdown command sent to the PC
    • load power analysis
    • load power control
    • UPS shutdown with countdown


To make the industrial equipment compliant with the Italian industry regulations 4.0

  • The automated integration of the system with the factory logistics system or the supply network must be ensured under all conditions, even in the event of a power failure.
  • VEA maintenance-free UPSs make PLCs fully compliant with Italian Industry 4.0 standards, guaranteeing the transfer of information to external servers even in the event of a power failure.

To properly set up the pneumatic part after a voltage drop

  • Some systems following a voltage drop could position pneumatic actuators in such a position that they could produce damage, perhaps resting on parts still moving by inertia.
  • The UPS power supply of the PLC and some solenoid valves, even if only for a few seconds, makes it possible to secure the pneumatic part without using the more expensive bistable valves.

To stabilize the voltage when using precision sensors or other sensitive instrumentation

  • Unlike other UPSs on the market, the always-on (ON-LINE) single conversion module stabilises the output voltage from any fluctuations in the input voltage.
  • The input voltage is always electronically separated, only 0 V is common.
  • Precision sensors and measuring equipment increase their reliability because HUE-UPS cancels disturbances from the 24V power supply.

Maintenance-free power supply and UPS for PCs

  • This compact unit allows a PC with a 12V or 15V or 19V or 20V or 24V input to be powered from a 24V supply even with large fluctuations (20V-28V).
  • Moreover, the uninterruptible power supply allows the correct shutdown of the PC when the input voltage is missing.

Why use supercapacitors instead of batteries

  • A supercapacitor is a particular capacitor that has the characteristic of accumulating an exceptionally large amount of electrical charge compared to traditional capacitors.
  • The absence of maintenance eliminates battery disposal for almost zero environmental impact.
  • No risk of 'thermal runaway', i.e. the process that leads to the combustion or explosion of batteries.
  • In electrochemical batteries (LEAD/GEL/AGM/LITIUM), a chemical reaction takes place which leads to deterioration in performance and service life; in supercapacitors, there is no chemical reaction.
  • Supercapacitors have a lifetime at least 200 times longer than electrochemical batteries.
  • Supercapacitors can work for at least 50 years with 10 charge/discharge cycles per day.
  • Supercapacitors, precisely because no chemical reaction takes place, do not have the safety problems of batteries.
  • Compared to batteries, they have the advantage that they can be charged or discharged almost instantaneously, thus ensuring very high specific power.
  • They have at least 100 times more charge/discharge cycles than normal batteries, guaranteeing practically zero maintenance.

Examples of UPS-SC installed in an electrical cabinet
(photos kindly provided by our customers)



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