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Scalable vision systems made in Italy

With just one powerful configuration tool and easy modular expandability, IVIS vision systems are designed to reduce costs and installation time. And it's an all-Italian idea.

Artificial vision is a fairly complex field, and in some projects it is not possible to know in advance the characteristics that the vision system itself must have. It can happen that you start from a vision sensor and then change it with more complex vision systems, maybe with more cameras. Sometimes the fact of not being able to change the chosen system leads to compromises with respect to the initial requirements. Switching from a vision sensor to a vision system often means changing everything: the hardware, its interfacing, re-programming and wiring. In short, a not inconsiderable extra cost. But even just knowing different models of systems, with different programming modes, is in itself an extra cost.

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Scalable and expandable vision systems

In search of the solution to these and other problems, VEA built a single system that could cover the product range from vision sensors to the most complex vision systems. Thus was born IVIS, a single scalable and expandable system with only one powerful configuration tool. All from the cost of a vision sensor. IVIS consists of a basic unit measuring just 12 x 12 x 4 cm to which any type of camera can be connected: from small models, such as an M12 sensor, up to 10 Mpixel cameras for up to 32 cameras.

The system integrates an HMI operator panel and a 1 mSec scanning PLC, suitably designed for machine vision, to which up to 64 8 I/O modules are connected, for a total of 512 inputs and 512 outputs. The internal PLC and HMI even make it possible to operate small systems without using other external devices, with considerable savings in components and wiring.

From the simplest solutions to the most complex installations

Even if the price range is that of a smart camera, IVIS is a real vision system, so the programming and interaction with the operator is done through a normal PC monitor. However, programming via a laptop remains possible. IVIS comes with wireless keyboard and mouse, WiFi and TCP-IP port. The scalar architecture makes it possible to realize from the simplest solutions to the most complex vision systems, using the same programming language.

The high speed of 500 acquisitions per second allows continuous checks without photocells, making it ideal for selection systems. IVIS performs robot guidance of up to 4 robots simultaneously, quality control, measurement, surface analysis and datamatrix reading.

Industry 4.0 and micrometric measuring systems

IVIS complies with industry standard 4.0 for 250% over-amortisation, both in terms of how the information is transmitted and for its use as a measurement system. It uses, in fact, a secure mode of data transmission to the server that allows you to temporarily store information even when the system is switched off or there is no communication with the server.

The IVIS metrology module allows micrometric measurements to be taken directly on the production line. The temperature of the parts is automatically compensated with special high-speed thermal sensors that interface directly with the vision system.

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