Vision system: how to reduce production costs

Reduce costs and increase productivity by eliminating measurement errors and analyzing finished products. This is the perfect synthesis of machine vision, which thanks to a system of cameras and micrometers automatically evaluates the quality of parts during production.

Get to check 5000 pieces in one hour by selecting the positives, false positives, false negatives and negatives. Thanks to machine vision, VEA has developed a vision system that not only guarantees the quality of the finished parts, but also measures them during production. Among the advantages of these systems is the possibility to reduce human error and keep operators away from the machines, preventing them from compromising the working environment and allowing no physical clutter between cameras and samples. VEA systems are scalable, so they can evolve as needed without being replaced.

More than 120 camera models are available, which vary according to quality and function. Surface analysis, production line measurement, data matrix reading, automated selection and compensation. The system integrates an HMI operator panel and a 1mSec scanning PLC designed for machine vision, to which up to 64 8 I/O modules are connected for a total of 512 inputs and 512 outputs. The PLC and HMI even allow small installations to operate without using other external devices, with considerable savings


Scalable vision system: from the simplest to the most complex solutions.

The IVIS vision system refers to a single basic unit, capable of handling systems consisting of a single smart-camera or complex systems. The language is always the same and for this reason it is possible to integrate different models among each other, being able to design vision systems tailored to each type of customer.

IVIS can be associated with up to 4 robot guides, simultaneously managing quality control, measurement, surface analysis and datamatrix reading. That's not all: IVIS complies with industry standard 4.0 for the 250% over-amortisation both in terms of how it transmits information and its use as a measuring system. It uses, in fact, a secure mode of data transmission to the server that allows you to temporarily store information even when the system is switched off or there is no communication with the server.

The IVIS metrology module allows micrometric measurements to be taken directly on the production line. The temperature of the parts is automatically compensated with special high-speed thermal sensors that interface directly with the vision system.

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Laboratory precision directly on the production line.

High speed thermal sensors have been specially developed. Those present on the market were not fast enough and a temperature compensation algorithm was adopted, which takes into account the ambient temperature, the part, the gauge and the sensor that follows the measurement. The system is defined "self-calibrating" thanks to the reference gauges that verify the variations in accuracy. All this automatically. Thanks to a proprietary technology, the IVIS vision system takes into account in real time the typical deviation of a given measurement. Momentary phenomena such as vibration can result in very high deviations. In such cases, it is possible to repeat the measurement without compromising the reference values in any way.

In the systems under construction, there is a tendency to improve the accuracy of the systems by increasing the interactions between the different physical quantities, for example with the introduction of accelerometers or devices that allow to analyze the reflection index of the objects to be measured.

IVIS: the vision system that improves productivity.

In view of the above, it is worth summing up the value of EAS vision systems. By choosing one of our tailor-made machine vision systems it is possible to automate the analysis and measurement of parts directly on the production line. Time and costs are reduced. Reliability and repeatability are increased exponentially and a large proportion of environmental issues are eliminated.
Each machine vision system designed by VEA is tailor-made, able to increase or decrease the number of cameras or type, without having to replace the entire system. Vision systems made to measure, scalable, precise and integrated with other accessories to meet the most diverse needs.

Thanks to these characteristics, VEA technologies are fully included in the funding provided by the national strategic plan INDUSTRIA 4.0: an opportunity for many companies and an important recognition for VEA itself, which qualifies as a promoter of innovation in the field of industrial vision.

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