100% Automatic Inspection and Measuring Machines

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    Quality control in PPM
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    Surface analysis
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    Micrometric 2D and 3D measurements
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    Industry 4.0 READY
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    No specialized operator

Reduces costs of lack of quality

Fully customized solutions

Laboratory accuracy, on the production line

System totally open to future upgrades

Easy and flexible programming

Fast and reliable quality control? YES with CheckBox

ECA has created the product line CheckBox allowing quality and dimensional control automatically on 100% of the pieces directly in the production environment and with accuracies comparable to laboratory equipment.

Our machines are used both off-line and directly by control over 5000 pcs/h with a fully automated process.

Anyone can perform simultaneously quality control and measurementAll are also customizable according to production needs.


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    Quality control in PPM

    Multiple quality checks simultaneously, e.g. correct assembly, presence of defects, legibility of marks and lettering.

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    Surface analysis

    Specifically developed algorithms can detect surface imperfections such as porosity, roughness, dents, cracks, stains, opacity, scratches.

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    Dimensional checks

    Dimensional checks on radius, diameter, width, angle and distance.
    Calculated tolerances: straightness, flatness, circularity, cylindricity, parallelism, orthogonality, inclination, symmetry, concentricity, radial and axial circular oscillation.

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    Industry 4.0 Ready

    All Checkboxes are already predisposed for interconnection with industrial processes as required by the "industry 4.0" guidelines which has the final objective of production optimization.

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    Does not require Operator

    Within a production line, CheckBox works completely automatically and does not require the intervention of a specialized operator. Even the loading of a new "recipe", if no tooling is foreseen, can be performed automatically.

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    Data Matrix and OCV-OCR reading

    You can read the codes printed on the part being inspected, save the image, and analyze the information it contains. These machines can also be equipped with a marking system to objectify the product.


Sheet metal
Machined metals

CHECKBOX: the state of the art in quality control and measurement

CheckBox is the perfect tool for significantly reduce costs direct and indirect generated by lack of quality of production.

The quality control made with Checkbox is the ideal solution for companies of the future who rely on the quality of their products and they want to achieve a technology gap on their competitors through a simple and reliable tool.

Le CheckBoxes are easy to program and are able to perform analysis on any type of product.

After the initial setup, the inspection is fully automated but allowing Checkbox to remain a fully open system to the implementation of further checks.

CheckBox is one of tools for the most powerful and versatile quality control and measurement on the market.

CheckBox can be equipped with optical micrometers VEA which can run up to 256 measurements at a time e 512 checks quality or surface analysis with a speed of 200 photos per second

for example CheckBox Robot is designed to be a customizable machinery with an anthropomorphic arm size appropriate for the parts to be inspected.

CheckBox is a born quality control for our most demanding customers and it is a tool designed for theIndustry 4.0.

Robot guide



Example here beside HMI (operator panel) during the measurement and analysis of surfaces in real time of a round piece.

For lInspection and measurement of circular parts are implemented high performance and fast rotary tables that offer the possibility to perform Parallel 360° checks and measurements of the part by optimizing analysis cycle times.

Quality control and measurement of plastic parts molded in metal.

The selection manufacturing takes place directly in the Checkbox after the analysis of the pieces.

The products that result OK get out of the machine  whereas i NOK are stored in internal boxes at CheckBox can only be inspected by authorized personnel.

Vision systems

Thanks to the vision system developed by VEA, the Checkboxes are able to provide a estimation of false negatives and false positivesby acting on adaptive acceptability thresholds and making the number of rejects and the quantity of suitable parts stable.


Thanks to our stringent metrological method, the CheckBox bigger it can measure glowing railway axles with an accuracy of ±1mm and a repeatability of 0.5mm, while the most accurate one succeeds in measure and inspect the detectors of particles at Cern ALICE LHC with ±0.2 µm accuracy and 0.05 µm repeatability

Quality control of plastic parts

The CheckBoxes are also designed for mechanical or laser marking of parts and prepared for semi-automatic packaging. Finally, on all the analyzed parts it is possible to manage the history of the analysed images and the generated statistical data.


CheckBox three-dimensional model
Checkbox Manual
Checkbox for quality control and measurement of metal shafts

The speed of analysis and quality control of CheckBoxes depends on several factors, one of which is the number of positions that the part to be checked must assume together with its physical characteristics. This is why CheckBox Robot, for example, is designed to be a customizable machine with an anthropomorphic arm size suitable for the parts to be inspected, as well as the same dimensions as the CheckBox.

Maximum output [pieces/hour] 2000 1500 1200 1000 900 800 650 550 480

There are different types of CheckBoxesso as to respond optimally to different needs of our customers. The Checkbox range is available in Robot, Mechanical, Bridge and Manual versions.

Robot is the most versatile CheckBox: modular and reconfigurable at the touch of a button. Mechanical is the series with the highest performance, analyzing 5000 pieces in one hour. Bridge works by inspecting directly on the production line, e.g. by rolling or extruding plastics and metals. ManualFinally, it finds application in small industrial production, metrology rooms and laboratories.

Dimensions [mm]. 1164 x 804 1314 x 934 1414 x 1034 1614 x 1234
Maximum piece weight [kg] 1 3 3 5


CheckBox Robot

Diecast Checkbox

Quality control with Checkbox Robot

Vea's vision system is the heart of the Checkbox Robot and will guide the robotic arm into the gripping of the parts subjected to quality control, in whatever order or position they arrive, and then inspected as required. 128 different practicable positions, more than 1000 analyses per position, a total of more than 128 thousand checks per possible piece.

Up to five conveyor belts and one or more robots can be installed in the Checkbox. In addition to a multi-chamber vision system, it can also equip laser markers, durometers, ultrasonic crack detectors, leak tests, paint thickness gauges and other instruments on request.

Checkbox Robot is one of the most powerful and versatile quality control and measurement tools on the market..

CheckBox Mechanical

Quality control with Checkbox Mechanical

Thanks to the design of mechanical handling systems of the parts and their combination with the latest measurement and control technologies, the Mechanical series is the one with the greater capacity for hourly analysis among those produced by VEA. These are unique machines, able to analyze over 5000 pieces per hour, designed to meet the most demanding production requirements. Also this type of Checkbox can be developed customer-specific.

The Mechanical series, for example, is used to perform measurements on turned or cylindrical parts of any material by optical micrometers. The measurement is performed by analyzing internal and external diameters and geometric tolerances such as circularity, concentricity, radial or axial circular oscillation. And not only that, Checkbox is able to perform the quality control simultaneously with measurement.

CheckBox Bridge


Checkbox Bridge: automation of quality control

Bridge machines are arranged within the production linesThis implementation makes it possible to perform quality control on parts produced continuously, such as plastics or metals subject to extrusion or lamination. I controls are fully automated and the parts examined pass inside the machine via a conveyor belt that connects to the existing ones. The vision system is able to detect defects and report them in real timeto optimize the quality of production and minimize the costs of quality failure.

CheckBox Manual

Checkbox Manual

Manual: the smallest checkbox in the range

For quality controls that do not require high hourly production, Manual is the best choice. It allows you to analyse manually pieces in laboratories or in small industrial production: The technician will be able to scrutinise every detail of the individual piece and handle any problems.

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