Creation of a tailor-made vision system for the control of automotive pistons

Quality control and vision system to analyze production defects in the production of mechanical pistons

The automotive sector involves the construction of a very large number of parts, all with different shapes and characteristics. One of our customers had the need to make a series of quality controls on the pistons of the engine, for this type of applications a series of modules specifically designed for surface control have been created. These modules are continuously updated to give the customer a product that is the state of the art in surface analysis.

Specifically, the client in question needed an analysis of the following aspects:

  • Processing defects;
  • Assembly defects and missing parts;
  • Surface defects such as melting bubbles, small holes, imperfect couplings;
  • Marking defects;
  • Check and match code marking with barcode and code printed on paper.

The main difficulty of this application is due to the great variability that casting parts normally present, such as colouring, finishing, etc..

Thanks to the extreme modularity of the system, it is also possible to carry out dimensional, presence, quality, recognition and character readability checks at the same time.

Proposed solution:

For this type of application the HQV vision system is used with different software modules, each one specialized to solve a specific quality analysis, starting from the advanced module of surface analysis for the control of surface defects, the O-ring module for checks along the perimeter of rings and holes (detection of ovals or defects along the perimeter, the MEASURE neural decomposition module for the measurement of parts and components, OCV character recognition and verification module for the combined verification of a barcode on adhesive paper with the reading of production marks on metal.

The image stabilizer, automatic ambient light compensation, rotation module, material correction module, advanced filters to compensate for any dirt on the optics and, above all, artificial intelligence recognition are decisive for the overall reliability of the application.

This system consists of three cameras, one with a view of the area from above and the other two with side views at different points of the piston to be verified.

Focus on: lighting

VEA realizes tailor-made lighting solutions, for this application specific solutions have been used for each camera to optimize the survey.

Focus on: operator

The operator panel allows to visualize in real time the state of the examined piston by displaying the errors detected on it, both at a qualitative level through a simple graphic customization, and at a quantitative level by processing statistical data.

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